Guide To Being A Soccer Parent

If you are new to the world of club soccer or need a little
refresher, here are a few tips to making the most of you and
your child's experience!


Trying to keep track of practice, games, tournaments, car pooling, and any little after parties is a lot, especially if you
have multiple kids going into soccer. Having a planner or other way to keep track of all of these things is super helpful.

If your kid can't drive themselves they also probably won't always remember that practice is today or that the game
this weekend is away. It takes a few minuets to get every thing put together but will save you from a world of pain
running out the door on the wrong day or being late to a game!

Video Recording

If it is your kids first time playing sports or they are getting ready for their high school team, make sure you have
something to record a game here or there!

Now a day a smartphone is a great option but you can use anything that is able to record video. The memories will
last a lifetime, and what is better than catching their first goal?

Chair & Blanket

A chair and blanket can make for a cozy spot on the sideline, nobody like sitting in wet grass on a nice fall or spring
morning, let alone being uncomfortable and cold for the whole game, always pack a chair and blanket, you never
know when it will save your butt!

Morning Meal

Make sure to have yourself a nice beverage warm or cold, and maybe even a breakfast sandwich before the game. No
need to skip out on your routine, enjoy the fresh morning air, the sounds of soccer and smell of a fresh cup of coffee!