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Jamboree Tournament - Game Schedule - 6/3/2023

Time Game Field
  Pee Wee Games  
8:30am Pee Wee Green vs Pee Wee Orange    1
8:30am Pee Wee Red vs Pee Wee Gold    2
8:30am Pee Wee Purple vs Pee Wee Pink    3
9:15am Pee Wee Orange vs Pee Wee Red    1
9:15am Pee Wee Gold vs Pee Wee Purple    2
9:15am Pee Wee Pink vs Pee Wee Green    3
  Kindergarten Games    
8:30am Kindergarten Green vs Kindergarten Blue    4
8:30am Kindergarten Red vs Kindergarten Orange    5
9:15am Kindergarten Blue vs Kindergarten Red    4
9:15am Kindergarten Green vs Kindergarten Orange    5
  Grades 1/2 Games    
10:45am Grades 1/2 Orange vs Grades 1/2 Red    A
10:45am Grades 1/2 Black vs Grades 1/2 Gold    B
11:30am Grades 1/2 Red vs Grades 1/2 Blue    A
11:30am Grades 1/2 Gold vs Grades 1/2 Green    B
12:15pm Grades 1/2 Blue vs Grades 1/2 Orange    A
12:15pm Grades 1/2 Green vs Grades 1/2 Black    B
01:00pm Grades 1/2 Championship Game   A
  Grades 3/4/5 Games    
8:30am Grades 3/4/5 Gold vs Grades 3/4/5 Red    A
8:30am Grades 3/4/5 Blue vs Grades 3/4/5 Black    B
9:15am Grades 3/4/5 Red vs Grades 3/4/5 Blue    A
9:15am Grades 3/4/5 Black vs Grades 3/4/5 Gold    B
10:00am Grades 3/4/5 Blue vs Grades 3/4/5 Gold    A
10:00am Grades 3/4/5 Red vs Grades 3/4/5 Black    B



Jun 12, 2023

Please join us at the Board of Directors Meeting and the Annual General Meeting - Monday, June 12, 2023:


TIME:          6:30pm - BOD Meeting
                    7:00pm - Annual General Meeting


WHERE:     Cape Light Compact... Read more

Jun 10, 2023

Saturday, June 10  |  7:30 p.m.

New England Revolution vs. Inter Miami CF

Gillette Stadium - Foxboro

Parking is free

Click here for information to Redeem Ticket and Order Add-ons

Mar 19, 2023

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