Parent Etiquette

Parent Instruction

There are a few reasons why parent instruction to players can be
detrimental to their enjoyment and experience playing soccer.

It Does Not Allow for Expression and Creativity 

Instruction from the sideline can discourage a kid from thinking,
expressing, and allowing for their creativity to drive their play.
This instruction can add pressure on the way that your child
plays, and can stop them from trying new things and using sports
as a release.

Added Confusion

When trying to instruct from the sidelines a result of mismatch information to the player from coach and parent can be a lot of confusion.
It will not allow for the player to think on their own and try to force them to please both coach and parent while trying to make their own decisions
in game as well.

Discourages Decision Making

Shouting instructions does not allow for the player to think for themselves and make their own decisions, not only something that applies to sports
but to life. Allow them to make decisions on their own, it allows for growth and learning.

Learning From Errors

Allow the players to make mistakes, telling them to do one thing or another or play a certain way will not allow them to experiment and make
mistakes to learn from. Encourage play, your kids are very smart, they will learn from mistakes and grow to be a better player from this.

It Makes It Less Enjoyable

Sports at a young age are about having fun. Putting pressure on a player changes the way they see the game and this can take something that
should be a fun outlet and turn it into a fear of consequences or failure. Support your players growth, learning, and passion to have fun!



Do join the other parents on the sideline to watch and enjoy the game, we ask you Don't watch from behind either goal line or from the same side
as the benches. This allows for the players and coaches to have their own space to focus on the game as well as does not distract the goalies
during play.

Do cheer for good play from both teams, in no circumstances should you heckle other players, parents, coaches, or referees. 

Do encourage your child and others to have fun and enjoy the game, please Do Not instruct from the sideline, this can greatly take away from the
experience for everyone.

We also ask parents to take responsibility of safety for their player and others, please make sure they go to games and practice in the proper
attire and to also make sure they do not bring jewelry, wristbands, earrings or anything that could pose a safety issue.