Parent Involvement

There are many ways in which you can improve the experience for your little one!

Being positive about practice and games plays a major role, if it
is obvious you don't want to go or be there, there is a good chance
your little one will take to that. Always have a positive attitude
before and after the games! Encourage your child to have fun and
enjoy themselves, rather than set an expectation of scoring a goal
or other in game achievements.


When a match has finished tell your child how well they played and that you are very proud of them. Never be critical or offer analysis. Sometimes
kids will know exactly how well they did or how well they didn’t do and don’t need you to remind them of a poor performance or equally to indulge
them if they had a great game.

Kids have naturally high expectations of them-selves and can be their own worst critics. If your child comes off the pitch critical of their
performance and upset you must LISTEN first and foremost.

Kids also know when they are being lied to so it would be wrong of you to tell them they played great when they know themselves that they didn’t.
Instead, again tell them how proud you are and try explain to them that everyone has good days and bad days, that they can’t always be the best
player on the pitch every week and that you have every confidence in them.

When this happens it is vital to NOT allow your child or the child to dwell on such matters. If your child or the child has had a great game, it is just
as important that you don’t indulge them. Simple praise and acknowledgment will suffice.

You are your kids biggest supporter, remember to smile, wave, and cheer for them. A little gesture can go a long way. No need to talk with
them when they play, yelling to them can be distracting, your goal is to create a fun environment for them and show them support in enjoying
the game!